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Socializing was also fun; but one of these days we got to get too far with our diving instructor, and we talked him into stopping by at a handy beach. The effect of a bunch of persons, mostly women, appearing on a textile beach, was that of a bomb explosion! It was so much fun looking at the faces of people there, most of them, of course, trying to act like nothing special was happening.
I was not at all taken aback by the reaction of the folks on the beach. I felt totally at ease – if they felt too shy to look my way, that was certainly no problem of mine; you see, I ain’t a work of art, and I wasn’t positioned on this earth to be easy on someone’s eye. We, young nudist girls, need a lot of fun on a beach, and that’s about it. If you have life in you, it oozes through your every pore. So I didn’t at all mind the sideways glances of the folks around me, but spread my towel on the gravel and started enjoying the sunny weather. But it was not long before I started getting bored stiff, so I got up and walked for a while along the ocean line. I didn’t mean to …

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