I had an experience today that was new for me

31798815I had an experience today that was new for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?….

I had finished my workout, showered, disposed of my towel in a near by bind, and was walking back to my locker (nude, of course) to get dressed. As I turned the corner from the showers toward the lockers, a woman was standing in the walk way with a bathing suit and towel in her hand. “What are you doing in here!?” she asked. “I was about to ask you the same question” I responded. Both of us being shocked by seeing the other, I said, “This is the male locker room.” She responded, “Oh, my god, I am so sorry….I’m in the wrong place!” “Please forgive my intrusion” she continued, as she followed me to my locker. As i was trying to get my locker opened, she continued to talk to me about the facility we were in. This went on for a good two minutes before another guy walked in and, took a look, and retreated behind some other lockers. Finally, she said, “I apologize…it was good talking to you”…and left.

Now, while I was surprised to see her (and she me), I remained calm and nude (since I had nothing to cover with)
in our conversation. She apparently somewhat enjoyed this situation, since she did not immediately run to the door.
Looking back on this, I am somewhat surprised by her action. If this had happened in her locker room, I’m sure that I would have been thrown out or arrested!


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