I just enjoy life without clothes

Read personal stories from people who have the experience I’m inclined not exhibitionist, I just enjoy life without clothes. I was always shy about my body, in the boys’ locker room at the gym or just under my shirt at the public beach. I was a nudist home, it was easy because I live alone and I did not show my body to anyone.

31798815I started my tan on deck in my boxers. Then, the Tan Lines, I decided to bask in my old bikini briefs to diminish, but began to think about the view from the neighbors. I have a privacy shield, and only then decided I could even get rid of the letter and TAN naked. I fell in love with the feeling naked in the outdoors, but was forced on my deck. I needed to wander the room.

There are no nude beaches around here and I certainly did not want to get busted as an exhibitionist and must register as sex offenders. I began to look at nudist camps. Look, I got the world record Skinny Dip was coming and decided to take the plunge. I began, plans and arrangements, but was not sure I could actually go through with it.

On the big day I packed the car and began the 2 hour journey, filled with both excitement and dread. I think the biggest hurdle was pulling into the drive when I got there, almost drove by. I went to the office and got a tour of the facilities. On the tour we will be in a beautiful naked blonde woman ran a few times, and I began again to doubt if I do that. feared an erection all day, my God, it warn you about 4 hours on the pill ads.

Well, I was hired. I decided to start as close to my comfort zone as possible, so I got out of my beach chair, towel, sunscreen and Ipod. would set up the right of my car on the lawn near the beach and stripped down to the sun as I lay on my deck .. back home

THE SKY do not like and I was not struck by lightning DOWN! (And no erections either)

55323204I could not just lie there all day so after a few beers as reinforcement I went to check the lagoon beach, where would our Skinny Dip official count takes place. The next stop was the conversation pool and I started very relaxed in the warm water, and chatted a bit with the others there. back to the car to pack a cooler and then all the way around the grounds, where they were holding a volleyball tournament. After doing that for a while, it was time for swimming and a hot soak in the bath.

Damn, it was almost three clock already, had to hurry into the lagoon to the Guinness World Record Skinny Dip Set. So here we are again around 300 of us standing in the lake and waits for our picture taken and counted. That’s what I came for, it was funny, but not as much fun as I had the rest of the time.

Okay, so fat naked people were to eat for some time, it was time for lunch. It was a picnic table on the road from my car, got out of lunch and a beer and sat down. During the lunch I saw a pair of tennis at the nearby farm and greeted people passing by, especially the accessibility of the golf carts were faster than you to talk.

After another go ’round talks between the pool, volleyball tournament, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, it was earlier than I had intended to head home. I did not yet left, back to the clubhouse, where they were in possession of a DJ dance. It was not much different than any night club but the clothes and it was BYOB. One last dip in the pool, the conversation at this hour was empty, and it was in the car for 2 hours of driving I did not want to do.

It was an amazing day, very pleasant, relaxed quite amazing to me, and I felt relieved when I do it again, dressed at home in the world. I am planning my next trip, hopefully for a weekend rather than one day, perhaps a membership in the next year. So now I am a confirmed social nudism.

There were only two problems to report, I am a photographer and cameras are not allowed. I photograph mostly everywhere. I also had an accident. Without any case, I accidentally locked my keys in the trunk. Quite a bit worried, luckily the car doors were unlocked and I could drop the back seat and get my keys out of the trunk. It was a tight fit, I mention I’m fat or not? I must be more careful next time. Anyway …

A Great Big THANKS to the nice folks at The Turtle Lake Resort


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