X-Nudism.com Episode #148

Another nudist beach and another blondie again. The model who got brave enough to take part in the film for X-Nudism is called Sandra. It’s worth noticing that she didn’t show a tiniest trace of shame when we said her that we were going to film her naked at a public beach. As it turned out, she had spent the previous spring break with her friends at the seaside and had been a regular visitor at the nudist beach located right next to the hotel. According to Sandra, she gets turned on by the open stares of total strangers at the nudist beach. This film was made on a regular weekday, so there weren’t too many sunbathers at the city beach. Still, we have managed to make a handful of nice pics where Sandra was exposed right next to some strangers. When the scene was over, Sandra told us she would like to take part in a more extreme shoot… Well, we’re going to fulfill her request as soon as possible! :)

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