Shock in Town Episode #121

This shoot took place on the busy streets of one city in Eastern Europe. The girls who took part in it know each other very well – they have been bosom friends since early childhood. They came to the casting together and said that they would agree to pose nude only in case we would film both of them at once. Well, we just couldn’t turn these kitty friends down. The gingerhead pin-up’s name is Julia and the brunette’s – Maria. Just like the great majority of our models, the girls didn’t have too much experience in public naked posing and, of course, appeared to be a little too shy at first. Still, it didn’t take them too long to get the taste of it. Each of them was trying to be more revealing than the second one, which was making the shoot acquire the spirit of a real competition. Who won it? Well, it’s up to you to decide …

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Here goes the next nude beach film for the members of the project. The names of our today’s models are Olga and Irina – they have been good friends since the time they went to school. The girls are sure that it’s worth trying all the pleasures that life brings us while we are young – the idea of taking part in a naked shoot came to the teens heads when they bumped into our site while surfing the Web. Olga and Irina told us that they were regular visitors at the nudist beach and were not ashamed of it at all – as well as of getting their nude photos exposed on the Internet for everyone to see them. Our photographer enjoyed this film a lot – he didn’’t have to explain the girls what position to take or what angle he would like to look at them from because Olga and Irina seem to have been made for erotic shoots at the nudist beach! The tanned bodies of the two girls really made the plage look better – and the members of project have the chance to take a look at the beauty of these two young nudists!

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Shock in Town Episode #117

This time we decided to make the shoot right on the streets of an ordinary city. The name of the model who agreed to pose nude for us is Christina. She was feeling down when she came to the casting – as it turned out, she’s just broken up with her boyfriend and was doing her best to unwind and make herself forget about him. Christina has already spent a night in the club with her buddies, got acquainted with two guys, got drunk on tequila with the best friend of hers – but she was still in search of new emotions able to erase the memory of her boyfriend from her mind. In the beginning of the film she was looking a trifle shy but soon she started enjoying it – she was taking the most revealing poses without paying any attention to the stares of the strangers around her. As a result, we got a really nice public nudeness shoot and Christina managed to get rid of the thoughts about her ex. .

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The next nudist beach shoot for the visitors of the portal. Anna and Monica are the two girls that have agreed to take part in our project. These babes wanted to turn our offer down when they heard that they would have to pose naked in front of numerous strangers but our photographer managed to talk them into trying a topless shoot for a start. We were really stunned when Anna and Monica took off all their clothes right after reaching the nudist beach – when the shoot was over, the girls told us that they had noticed all the admiration caused by their arrival and decided not to disappoint the public! Well, its worth saying that there is a whole bunch of reasons to envy the visitors of this nude beach – our models were doing their best to impress the people around them – playing ball, for instance, turned out to be a perfect means of demonstrating the most secret corners of their perfect bodies. Well, sure, the members of the are about as lucky as the visitors of this beach… Enjoy our new nude beach shoot with Anna and Monica starring! Episode #118

We are back to the nudist beach to make a new scene again. The name of today’s featured cover is Evgenia – she’s a professional dancer and sometimes she poses for professional photographers, including those working for erotic magazines. Evgenia admitted that naked posing never fails to give her some special kind of sexual enjoyment and that she’s never ashamed of her nude body. However, she was really surprised to hear that she was going to star in a shoot that would take place at a nudist plage. She just couldn’t imagine how she was going to get over her shyness and appear in front of other sunbathers nude. Still, we managed to talk her into doing this and We didn’t regret it! Evgenia was showing off at the nudist beach without a tiniest trace of shame. You can see that she’s got no trouble doing this. The revealing naked dance that she did for us (and for all the people around her) was just stunning. So … Get ready to enjoy a new pic film from the naturist plage by X-Nudism.

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This time we decided to cross the borders set by our regular nudist beach shoots. We were shooting the two girls who agreed to pose for X-Nudism portal at the sea-front bordering an ordinary plage, not a nudist one. Usual passers-by witnessed a classy show featuring these two ladies who took off all their clothes and appeared in front of the public absolutely naked. All this had begun when Katya and Alena, the two models who took part in this shoot of ours, had appeared in our studio and said that they were craving to do what was about the craziest thing in their whole lives – they had been craving to star in a nude film! Sure, they had expected the film to have taken place in the studio with only the lensman watching them but… We had understood that the teens were up to much more than that and offered them an absolutely insane idea – appearing naked in front of totally unfamiliar people. It hadn’t taken us too long to talk Katya and Alena into doing this. Well, the shoot turned out to be fabulous – and right now you have the chance to see how crazy the models and the lensman got this time.

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