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Hello everybody! My name is Mia and I’m here to tell you about my exciting story of my first time nudist experience and about young nudist videos that I’ve made. My father is an oilman and to be honest we are living a fancy life. I have never seen anything bad in my life and I always get everything that I want from my father. I love him very much, but this story is about my first experience of filming young nudist videos with me in the main focus of the camera lens.
It was a very hot summer last year. It looked like the ground itself will start melting and all folks were hiding at their houses under air cons. I and all my friends were dreaming to get to a nice put where they could swim and cool down, because the sun was burning too much at that time. Kate, Irene and Elisa were two my best girlfriends and we always like to spend our free time together. So when they came to me with such an original request, I simply couldn’t deny it! They have offered to me to go somewhere outdoors on my father’s yacht and have some sea misstep. I didn’t hesitate even a minute and have agreed almost immediately. But I also needed to persuade my father to let me take the yacht. But it was simple. I told him that I will be a good cover and he believed me and gave me his permission. We all were so happy! So we grabbed our bikinis, boarded on the yacht and moved away from the shore. It was a midday when we …

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