My nudist tendencies faded in and out over the years to follow.

Although I can’t exactly remember my very first nude experience I do know I was around 10 or 11 when I started feeling the urge to be nude. Like many of the first time stories on this site I started out by sleeping nude. My parent’s room was across the hall and they had to pass my room to get down stairs. At some point I decided I did not care if they saw me sleeping nude. They never said anything if they did see me. My dad slept nude as long as I can remember so I doubt it was a big deal to anyone.

That was as far as they knew anything though. When I was young I liked the feeling of being without clothes but did not know exactly why or that there was this lifestyle called nudism. For many years I thought I was weird, and had no clue other people like this as much as I. I never let anyone know either. I did know about skinny dipping and once while camping with my “way older” brother and his family and friends a bunch of the adults went skinny dipping after dark. In a public State Park none the less. None of the kids went in though. He was a product of the 60’s. *smile*

My nudist tendencies faded in and out over the years to follow. I always slept nude and after getting my own vehicle there were times when I skinny dipped in lakes or streams when I was alone. However; there was never a time I remember an all out urge to be nude every day. That is kind of funny though, I can remember being nude in my room a lot and liking it very much.

It actually wasn’t until I was about 21 or 22 that being nude became a strong calling. I was married by that time and had a baby girl. Ohhh she was so cute. My wife however was not much into being nude. She wasn’t against me being nude she just didn’t seem to notice or care about it. I was still young and hadn’t come to full grips with my self esteem yet, so I was only nude while I was alone for the most part or after a shower or other obvious reasons. We did runaround the house nude sometimes late at night watching movies and such. I liked being nude but I still thought I was a little weird. I would drive home from work late at night and get naked for the drive once in a while. It was only about ten minutes but it felt good so I enjoyed it as much as I could. Later I got a job working construction and ended up buying a motor home to live in while I was working away from home, which was about 11 months out of the year. I was gone 5 or 6 days a week most of the time, but I would drive home on the weekends. This was when I really came to grips with my desire to be nude. Living alone in my motor home was great. I could be nude whenever I wanted and that was most of the time. I even started driving to and from work nude quite often. The drive was one to three hours depending on where the job site was. In the heat of summer I drove this way a lot more. It was my escape from tension, I loved it. Sometimes I would stop along deserted highways and walk around or climb a hill or something just to prolong my nude time. After a few years of working away from home all the time, and having other marital problems we ended up getting a divorce.

Now I found myself with my daughter every other weekend and a couple nights a week. I quit the traveling job and started working a local one. My relationship with my daughter was always good, but now it was awesome. I got to see her more and we could do fun stuff after work and I could go to all her school functions and everything was great. Now I found myself with much less nude time. This started to bum me out after a while. I love my daughter more than anything in the world and loved our time together but I felt I had to wear clothes. I had never seen any nudist web sites, or how whole families go nude together. I did have some kind of idea about nude beaches but there are none in my state and didn’t even know where one was. So all this family nudity and lifestyle stuff that most of the readers of this site have read, I had NO clue. So after a while I started to feel guilty about having fleeting thoughts of not wanting my daughter around quite so much. This really disturbed me; I love her so much and want her around all the time. I had to make a decision. Was it possible to have the best of both worlds, could I really be nude in front her? Remember, I had never seen anything about nudism on the net before. After much consideration I knew I could, and there was nothing wrong with it.

Here is how I did it. Just like the articles of others on this site and many other sites, I started by not getting dresses immediately after a shower, and running around in a towel more. She would make joking comments about, “put something on dad.” Then one day after a shower I was sitting at my desk with the towel under me but not around me. She walked in and instantly looked away. “Dad!” she said, I just said,”It’s OK and there is nothing wrong with being nude.” She walked out without looking at me. We are always together in my room and we talk allot and are very close. So in a few minutes she came back in and looked at me kind of funny, thought about it, you could just see the gears moving in her head, and I said, “I wasn’t putting clothes back on right now and that it is OK”. It took a couple of days like this before she got comfortable with me being nude. It was a fast acceptance though, after a few days she never really even noticed and things never changed between us and there has never been any issues come from it. In the beginning she was shy about looking at my nude body, after a while I would catch her looking at “that area” once in a while. It is only natural to look at such things and I feel it is actually healthy for a child to see their parent’s nude. (read other web sites) It sure took the curiosity out of boys for her. From much reading on the subject, curiosity is what leads to sex early in teenagers. (This is a whole other story)

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Now many years later we are closer than ever and I am nude most of the time. She is happy, healthy, and completely secure. She is 15 and has no major interest in boys, sex, drugs, or any other teenage misfortunes. She is focused on school and her studies. She has her career narrowed down and is looking at colleges already. I am not saying nudism helped her in anyway, but it sure didn’t harm her either, and I do feel it has helped us both in the fact that there is less curiosity and we can talk about anything, and I do mean anything. I know more about my daughter and what she thinks, feels, and fears more than any other family I know. We are closer than any of her friends and their parents and our life is just awesome together. I can trust her and she makes good decisions.

Where am I now with my nudism? After finding the enjoyment of nudism and the relaxing benefits it has in my life I have had many adventures. I have grown immensely in my personal body acceptance. I have acne scars on my back and chest and as a teenager I wouldn’t go anywhere without a shirt, let alone nude. All of the teenage nude time mentioned above was strictly alone. I was still uneasy about my scars into my late twenties. It was not until I started reading web sites about nudism that I truly came to grips with total body acceptance. And then after visiting my first nude beach I KNEW there was people out there far worse off than me. To fat, to thin, scared, cellulited, amputated, women with tiny breast, men with tiny penises, I thought mine was small, there are smaller. Everything that I thought was wrong with me; someone else had it too, or worse. This was a great relief to know that others with problems were on the beach without a care in the world and everyone was accepting them without complaint. This did my self esteem good; it was a big boost to my confidence level in nudity as well as all things in my life. I write this story to all who read it, but especially to the teens that are facing the same fears and struggles as I have faced. Cat,s web site has helped me immensely in my own life, and I would like to give something back to the site and hope my words encouraged others.

As for my adventures, I have driven thousands of miles nude, boated nude, camped nude, and visited a couple nude beaches and one Nudist Park. On one adventure to Canada to visit Wreck beach I drove six hours to the boarder and only slipped on shorts to get through the crossing, (I figured it might be best to cover up for the boarder guards *smile* ) then I removed them till I parked at UBC for the short walk over the hill to the beach. The silly place makes you stay clothed till you get to the beach.

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