we also go around naked

nudist-teen-linksMy wife and I and 6 other couples that are good friends have been going to the Burningman Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada since 1997.

It’s not billed as clothing optional but it is…nudity is as accepted as it is expected. The crowd this year will be about 50,000 people and during the day around 20% will be nude and around 60% will be at least partly naked. The percentage of naked people is higher in the early mornings before people get into their costumes. Naked people are completely accepted and, really, not even noticed much because the costumes that so many people wear are so creative and extraordinary as is the giant artwork and fire-art which is what the event is all about.

The event is not for everyone. You camp in a very harsh desert for a week and everything you need to eat, drink and stay healthy and comfortable must be brought in by you…nothing except ice and coffee is for sale on the desert. The people who manage the event require first-timers to read their “Survival Guide” so that no one shows up unprepared for the conditions.

The people in our group bring some amazing costumes, as do most attendees, but we also go around naked when we’re just viewing the artwork. Burningman is probably THE largest mix of clothed and naked people in the world during the week it runs. (From 1 week prior to Labor Day to Labor Day.) We can honestly say that we’ve never had, seen or even heard of any negative comments or reactions to the nudity from the textiles at the event.

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